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Fingoo offers the world's most flexible online software activation service, enabling you to easily increase sales whilst minimising distribution costs. Our service is based around a centralised licensing server fully integrated into a transparent payment service giving you complete control of your customer interaction.


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 Latest News

Milestone passed in achieving lightspeed computing

The new ultra fast computers could break the standard public / private key encryption algorithm used to protect most software activation services in moments. Fingoo of course uses an entirely different system all together, sorry hackers - IFLS

Our heart bleeds for no bug!

With reports of up to 2 thirds of all secure internet sites including Yahoo, Twitter and Dropbox being effected by the heartbleed bug... good to know that fingoo uses an established SSL service that's verified heartbleed free - New Yorker

Microsoft rolls over on Xbox One always-on DRM

We could have told you that years ago! Microsoft shows once again that always on DRM is not what the consumer wants, and rolls over to unrivalled consumer pressure by cancelling itís always on DRM requirement, as fingoo has done for years - ExtremeTech

Saturday, 28 November 2015

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